Wednesday, October 12, 2022

R. L. Vaughan considers Chris Myers' comments on "Satan's Bible"


R. L. Vaughan has posted an insightful article to his blog, examining the pearl-clutching "outrage" expressed by a few evangelicals (who embrace the modern critical text) over Chris Myers' article in the Why I Preach From The Received Text anthology in which Myers suggests that contemporary translations from the modern critical text are "based on Satan's Bible."

Here's how Vaughan's post ends:

It is not necessary to believe that evangelical text critics and modern Bible translators are Satanists in order to believe they have been led astray in creating, adopting, and/or translating a certain defective text. Some of us believe that the Westcott-Hort/NU text tradition leaves out and changes some of God’s words. If we are correct, then the basic point Christopher Myers makes is correct. Some of us might make the point in different language than Myers, but the general point is true nevertheless.

It will be interesting to hear whether and how Myers himself responds to these criticisms.

Greater is he that is in his word (God) than he who opposes it (Satan). The word of God is not bound. It is not broken. The Devil cannot defeat it.

You can read Vaughan's whole blog post here.


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