Wednesday, October 05, 2022

More background to the JW vs. PVK debate on the TR: Bayes' Theorem


From my twitter @ Riddle1689:

Regarding a postmortem of the JW vs. PVK debate on the TR, I found this video helpful to understand Bayes' Theorem, appealed to by PVK in his argument for a high probability that the TR =the autograph.

JW again appeared clueless on how to respond to this argument (maybe with good reason) and so never really responded to it.


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Bob MacDonald said...

Are you aware of the Facebook Group discussing the applicability of Bayes to Biblical Studies? See the intro here:

I also did a series of posts on the te'amim of the Hebrew Bible and the deciphering key of Suzanne-Haïk-Vantoura: See