Saturday, May 08, 2021

WM 203: Warfield: Why Four Gospels?


Some quotes:

"He has, as it were, stationed Spirit-led men around the foot of the mountain and bidden them look and write."

"We ought to study them both separately and together. A patchwork narrative made out of the events recorded in these four precious volumes is far from being a suitable substitute for the four books themselves."

"The Gospels are not bundles of facts to be shaken apart like so many bundles of sticks, and then bound together into one greater fagot. They are rather like the several portraits which Van Dyke painted from various points of view of Charles I, that the sculptor might combine them into one rounded statue--not part by part, but as so many wholes."
-B.B. Warfield, "Why Four Gospels?" (1887)


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