Saturday, July 11, 2020

WM 168: Q & A (NKJV, Ward, PIA), then review of Boyce on PA

Earlier this week, I posted WM 168: Q & A (NKJV, Ward, PIA), then review of Boyce on PA. Listen above.

Here are a few links to resources noted in this episode:

Part One: Following up with Correspondence:

On the NKJV:

Check out the articles page on the TBS website. If you scroll down to the section on "English Versions" you will find five articles on the NKJV.

Dane Johannsson also has this podcast on the NKJV.

On Mark Ward's Which TR? article:

See Ward's lecture, An Evaluation of Confessional Bibliology (September, 2019).

Listen to WM 140 here:

On the PIA and debates on text:

Look here for the PIA's list of public debates (none of which, according to the titles, give singular, sustained focus to defending his rejection of any specific TR text).

Part Two: Review of Introduction to Stephen Boyce on the PA:

Read Boyce's full article here.

Listen to my full debate with Boyce on the PA here:

Blessings, JTR


Anonymous said...

what do you consider to be the best modern English translation that is faithful to the textual foundations of the KJV? Thanks.

Shawn Zimmerman said...

Which Word Magazine covered Westcott and Hort? Thanks!

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...


First, I prefer the KJV.

Second, I have not done an exhaustive enough study to be able to declare which modern English translation I would hold to be *most* faithful to the traditional text underlying the KJV.

The leading options most widely available would be the NKJV and the MEV (Modern English Version).

One could also compare the modern edition of the Geneva Bible from Tolle Lege.

Hope this helps, JTR

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...

Shawn, I'm not really sure which WM she was referencing, since I've referred to W & H on various episodes. Perhaps she was thinking of WM 117 in which I shared various quotes from W & H on conjectural emendation:


Anonymous said...

thank you.