Friday, December 11, 2015

Resources on The Regulative Principle and the Holidays

Image:  Spurgeon with a slight wardrobe addition.

In last Lord’s Day Sunday School discussion at CRBC (which was eventually on the topic of the OT prophecies of the cross and resurrection of Jesus in Matthew) we had some preliminary discussion about the Regulative Principle (the conviction that our worship should be guided by what is commanded in Scripture) and the holidays.

Here are some resources on this topic for those who want to hear more:

Sermon on the Second Commandment (a basis for the Reformed doctrine of the Regulative Principle)

The 16 part Blog Series on The Westminster Directory of Worship, including this post “Touching Days and Places for Publick Worship” (Part 16) [click the label “The Directory for the Publick Worship of God” at the end of the post to read the others in the series].

And for a little [attempted] humor, try this post on Reformed Kwanzaa.


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