Saturday, April 19, 2014

Reformed worship, holy days, and holidays

The arrival of “Easter Weekend” raises the question again of how Scripturally regulated worship relates to the “Christian calendar.”  Even many evangelical Calvinistic churches “observe Lent” and during this past “holy week” have held “Maundy Thursday” and “Good Friday” services.  But are such “holy days” Biblical or do they lead to erosion and even compromise of Biblical practice?  Even if one opts out of the “Christian calendar” what about private and family observance of holidays?

Back in December 2011, just before Christmas, I preached a message titled Reformed worship, holy days, and holidays in which I reflected on these questions.  Though it related to Christmas it also has relevance for Easter.  Below are five observations I made in that sermon:

1.     There is only one Biblically mandated holy day for new covenant believers and that is the Lord’s Day or the Christian Sabbath.


2.     The Christian calendar developed after the time of the apostles and led to confusion in the church.


3.     With the Protestant Reformation there came a purification of worship.


4.     We should follow in the tradition of the mature Reformation and hold to the Lord’s Day as our only Scripturally approved Holy Day.


5.     We can, however, personally and in families culturally celebrate holidays as long as we do so in a way that is commensurate with Christian conscience.

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