Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nine Observations on Limited Atonement

I continued the Sunday evening series on The Doctrines of Grace at the Lynchburg Reformed Baptist Mission with a message on Limited Atonement.  In the message, I offered nine observations on this doctrine: 
1.  We might prefer to refer to this doctrine as “particular redemption.”
2.  All evangelical believers who reject universalism hold to some form of “limited atonement.”
3.  Limited Atonement makes the best sense of the scriptural description of redemption.
4.  Limited Atonement makes the best sense of the logic of the plan of salvation.
5.  Limited Atonement is required for an adequate understanding of the penal substitutionary view of the atonement.
6.  “Universal Atonement” makes salvation only a potential possibility and not an assured reality.
7.  “Universal Atonement” opens up some unseemly possibilities.
8.  Those who hold to “Universal Atonement” have shown a historical tendency to drift toward theological liberalism and universalism.
9.  As with the doctrine of Unconditional Election, this doctrine is to be held with humility and care.

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