Monday, March 17, 2014

Basic Suggestions for Writing a Book Review

1.  Read the book in its entirety.  If you do not have time to read the book you should not be attempting to write a review.  Take notes as you read the book.  If a hard copy book, create your own index on the blank pages at the front or back.  This can also prove helpful for later use.

2.  Compose an introductory paragraph which introduces the reader to the basic facts about the book including the author, the subject matter, and the significance of the work.

3.  Compose a summary of the content of the book.  Do not go into too much detail, but give a strategic overview.  This is a book review not a book report!  Quotations might be used in this section to illustrate the content but should not be overused.

4.  Provide an analysis of the book.  Point out both its strengths and weaknesses.  If you love the book, find at least one thing that might improve it.  If you hate it, find at least one thing you can commend.  Strategic use of quotations can be made to cinch the main points of your analysis.

5.  Compose a conclusion which offers your final assessment of the book and its significance.  Either commend the book to your readers or suggest that they avoid it.  Tell them why you have reached this conclusion.


OldSchoolD15 said...

I always do #1. Can't say I always do the rest though :)

dr. james willingham said...

A fair summary of how to write a book review, I think. I use to write book reviews for the Ashland Independent Newspaper of
Ashland, Ky., Sunday Edition (circulation then 2/68-8/70 was about 30,000). Other reviews since that time have been now and then in various religious journals, none of any note on the national scene.