Monday, September 27, 2010

Scenes from Keach Conference 2010: Part One

Image:  Our guest speakers:  David Murray (left) and Tom Ascol (right)

It seems each year I am tempted to declare that the Keach Conference (formerly known as the Evangelical Forum) just completed was the best ever.  If not the very best, this year's was at least one of the best we have ever had the satisfaction of planning and participating in.  The theme this year was "Of Creation," following our practice since 2007 of taking an article each year from the 1689 Confession.  David Murray from Puritan Reformed Seminary and Tom Ascol of the Founders Ministry proved to be an interesting and engaging pairing of speakers.  We packed out our meeting space with around 90 participants from congregations across Virginia, not to mention pastors from Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Here are some photos:

Image:  Friday gathering

Image:  Singing on Friday evening

Image: Fellowship

Image:  One of the best aspects of the Keach Conference is the ability to interact personally with the speakers.  Here Dr. Murray follows up on his message with conference participants.

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