Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Keach Conference 2010 Audio and Other Resources

Image:  Saturday Q and A session.

Audio from the Keach Conference has been posted to sermonaudio.com:

Session I (Friday, September 24):

David Murray:  Christ in Creation

Tom Ascol:  'In the space of six days':  Does the 1689 teach creationism?

Session II (Saturday, September 25):

Tom Ascol:  Man in the State of Innocency

David Murray:  The Quest for the Historical Adam

Session III (Saturday, September 25):

Questions and Answers with Speakers

Other Resources:

In addition, you can also read David Murray's post on his experience of the Keach Conference on his blog.  You can also read the manuscript of his two addresses:  Christ in Creation and The Quest for the Historical Adam.

You can also enjoy a preview of Dr. Murray's DVD God's Technology.

And check out his new book Christians Get Depressed Too from Reformation Heritage which sold briskly at the conference.

To learn more about Tom Ascol, you can visit the website of Grace Baptist Church in Capel Coral, Florida and of the Founders Ministry.


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