Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Vital Place of the Prayer Meeting

Photo:  CRBC midweek prayer meeting in the home of one of our attendees.

We will gather tonight (actually, in about 15 minutes) for our midweek prayer meeting at CRBC.  Here's the start of Erroll Hulse' article "The Vital Place of the Prayer Meeting":

It is said that the weekly prayer meeting is the spiritual barometer for any local church. You can tell with a fair degree of accuracy what the church is like by the demeanour or substance of the weekly prayer meeting. Is there genuine evangelistic concern? If so it will be expressed in the prayers. Is there a heartfelt longing for the conversion of unconverted family members? If so that is sure to surface. Is there a world vision and a fervent desire for revival and the glory of our Redeemer among the nations of the world? Such a burden cannot be suppressed. Is there a heart agony about famine and war and the need for the gospel of peace among the suffering multitudes of mankind? The church prayer meeting will answer that question. Intercession in the prayer meeting will soon reveal a loving church that cares for those who are oppressed and weighed down with trials and burdens. Those bearing trials too painful or personal to be described in public will nevertheless find comfort in the prayer meeting, for there the Holy Spirit is especially at work.

To read the rest of this article look here.


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