Monday, August 03, 2009

Book Note: Greg Wills, "Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: 1859-2009"

I recently finished reading Greg Wills' Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: 1859-2009 (Oxford University Press, 2009). This is an impressive work, thorough (weighing in at 566 pages), meticulously researched, and remarkably well written. As an alumnus of the school during the moderate days of Roy Honeycutt's leadership, it gave me new insights to understand my experience. All bitter ex-SBC moderates should read this book to understand the heritage and history not only of SBTS but also of the SBC. This book affirms that the reformation and redirected trajectory at SBTS in the last twenty years is nothing short of miraculous. I plan to write a longer review for a future issue of the EFN.


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