Monday, March 16, 2009

Calvinism and SBC

Calvinism continues to be a flashpoint of controversy in SBC circles. Christianity Today has an article reporting on recent rumours that SWBTS is about to purge five pointers from its faculty.

Here in Virginia, the Baptist Banner's lead article in its March 2009 issue, What Should "Southern Baptist" Have to Do with "Calvinist"? is a broadside against Calvinists in the SBC written by Elmer Towns of Liberty University. Several folk have asked me about writing a response to this article. I have done so and hope to have it published or posted somewhere soon.


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Anonymous said...

Nothing new here! The doctrines of Grace will never be comprehended by those that place man in the center of their theology. The fear of man also plays a great role in the actions of the anti-Calvinists. Theirs is a man-centered gospel, which is no gospel at all.