Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Baptist Identity and the "Angry Young Men" of the SBC

I am working my way through listening to the audio sessions from the "Baptist Identity II" Conference at Union University (held Feb 15-17, 2007). Very interesting discussion. Greg Thornbury (pictured above) gave his address on the "The 'Angry Young Men' of the SBC" (listen here), discussing the impact of bloggers on the SBC. Good analogy drawn from Wired Magazine's feature on what's expired, tired, and wired. So, according to Thornbury:
What's expired? Baptist programs;
What's tired? Baptist battles;
What's wired? Baptist basics (doctrine, regenerate church membership, etc).
I also found Mike Day's message on "The Future of Baptist Associations and State Conventions" (listen here) to be of interest in light of the development of the Evangelical Forum. Day discusses the emergence of non-geographical affinity groups in place of traditional associations and state conventions.
For the other audio presentations from folk like LifeWay's Thom Rainer, Paige Patterson, and David Dockery, look here.

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