Monday, February 19, 2007

Hymn Singing, Cyberhymnal, and Family Worship

Just finished reading John Blanchard and Dan Lucarini's Can We Rock the Gospel? (Evangelical Press, 2006). Hope to post a review soon (for my review of Lucarini's Why I Left The Contemporary Christian Music Movement, look here). It just confirms the value of solid hymnody over rock inspired contemporary Christian music.

We were discussing singing hymns in Family Worship yesterday in our "Family Foundations" Sunday School class at JPBC, and a friend suggested the use of Cyberhymnal. I was not aware of this resource. It is pretty awesome. For those who cannot read or play music, you can find your hymn by title and listen to the tune in addition to finding extra verses in some hymns.

In our family devotions, we have been using the "Christ-centered Hymns" booklet, cheaply published by Chapel Library. It has been great singing some of these classic old hymns with our children. Some of their favorites:

Note: The above hymn links may shift as time goes by and their internal set up on Cyberhymnal changes.


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Nephos said...

Beautiful hymns and great resource.
Thanks for posting these links.