Tuesday, August 29, 2006

World Congress of Hungarian Baptists

I ran across this news item about the recent "World Congress of Hungarian Baptists" that drew over 5,000 people (that is truly amazing in itself) in Debrecen, Hungary.
Thankfully, according to the report, the Hungarians affirmed a statement declaring:
“We believe that the only solution for mankind living in ever more complicated social circumstances is our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Amen! But it apparently went on to declare the Treaty of Trianon (in which Hungary's borders were diminished after WWI) in 1920 as unjust! Do you think Eastern Europeans have long memories?
It also seems that Baptist World Alliance officials were heavily involved.
One of the speakers was Dr. Kalman Meszaros. I taught with his father (who shares the same name) at the seminary in Budapest from 1990-92 and once interpreted his Dad's preaching into English for the International Baptist Church that met in the seminary.
Pray for God to move among Hungarian peoples and draw many to Himself in Christ and to give them a vision beyond their own ethnic group.

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