Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ben Parziale Fan Club

With the college football season approaching I would like to announce the launching of the Jefferson Park Baptist Church chapter of the Ben Parziale fan club.
Ben wears number 47 for UVA and plays safety. He was a standout quarterback in high school in Forest, VA and a recruited walk-on at UVA who has earned a scholarship this year. Check out his player profile.
Why am I a Ben Parziale fan?
Despite the stern faced picture above, Ben is a kind and thoughtful young Christian man. He comes from a believing family and grew up in a small independent Baptist church near Lynchburg where he was well grounded in the fundamentals of the faith. He started coming to JPBC during his first year on Grounds and has demonstrated serious consistency in his walk with the Lord during the past three years in Charlottesville. Not only does he faithfully attend Sunday School and morning worship, but he also is usually there for Sunday evening worship and our Wednesday mid-week Bible Study. That is unusual for a college student--not to mention one who has the extra burden of training and competing on a NCAA division one football team. Ben is also a religious studies major at UVA. Being around Ben you get the sense that this is what a student athlete is supposed to be.
We are proud of Ben and will be cheering him on from the stands in 2006!

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