Friday, June 24, 2022

WM 240 (a): Review: Ancient Christian Commentary on Mark




Mad Jack said...

That's a nice lecture pastor. I enjoyed it, and will see about finding a copy of Ancient Christian Commentary on Mark.


Mad Jack

Phil Brown said...

I bought the commentary used. Thanks for the recommendation. I have a complete digital copy of the pre-Nicene Fathers, and it is helpful when looking into these sorts of issues. I noticed that every time James White is confronted with Irenaeus, he always points to the fallacies that he made such as the predictions of the end, and his idea that Jesus was in his fifties when he was crucified. Sounds like the "Diversion Fallacy" Christian McShaffrey mentioned in July 4th's post. Traditionally Matthew was believed to be the first Gospel, and I have no problem accepting that. Seems like scholars are always trying to reinvent the wheel. I read a good article from an Anabaptist source recently that you might appreciate regarding the Marcan Priority. Here's the link: