Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Book Review: Dan Lucarini, Why I Left the CCM Movement


Just posted audio versions of this review. Hard to believe I wrote this c. 18 years ago. Hope it still has some relevance. I also posted the written review to my page. You can read it here.


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Mad Jack said...

The problems I have with Contemporary Christian Music are:
I can't understand the words
I like the traditional hymns, and CCM is the opposite of traditional music
The music is often amplified, and it doesn't need to be. Play it on acoustic instruments at a comfortable decibel level and see how it sounds - generally poorly.
Most CCM doesn't support the sermon, which is the main reason I attend services.

On the rare occasion that I found a church with a choir, the choir director acted like a lounge singer and the choir was his back up band.

Thanks for keeping your blog up.