Wednesday, February 24, 2021

New TBS Booklet: How the Holy Bible Came To Be


My friend Christian McShaffrey, Pastor of Five Solas (OPC) in Reedsburg, WI has written a new article/booklet that has been produced by the Trinitarian Bible Society, titled How the Holy Bible Came To Be. You can read a pdf of it here for free.

This will be an excellent resource for anyone to be introduced to "Believing Bibliology", especially children and youth.

I hope to have Christian soon as a guest on the WM podcast to discuss this resource.



Howie said...

Dr. Riddle, so glad you posted this... on first blush it appears Pastor McShaffrey has written an excellent primer taking the complex and simplifying it for the Pew, Pastors and perhaps, yes, even Professors who have spent little time on this important subject; all this without watering down target content. How much confusion there is… this sort of accessible teaching is desperately needed.

I hope this little booklet published by the Trinitarian Bible Study will be read and referred to far and wide! And, as people dig deeper, that they may further resource the choice material posted at TBS, Stylos and other like-minded textual sources.

This is all truly helping re-orientate brethren back to the text of the Reformation… to the Received Text that has been divinely preserved and truly kept pure in all ages!

Brian M. said...

What an excellent read that was! Thanks for linking to it.