Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Video Lecture: Gribben on John Owen's Bible (10/1/18)

I just watched this video lecture (posted 10/1/18) from the Andrew Fuller Conference at SBTS by Crawford Gribben of Queens University, Belfast on "John Owen's Bible."

Very interesting. Among other things he notes Owen's complaints of not having access to his full library, his "biblicism," his use of the KJV (among other translations, including the Geneva Bible, the Great Bible, and his own), his involvement in an an apparently forestalled effort to revise the KJV, and his responses (both favorable and unfavorable) to Walton's Polyglot.

In the end, Gribben describes Owen's approach to the Bible as "both pre-critical and enlightened."

He notes that Owen was not bothered by the concept of anonymous authorship and that he believed that inspiration was more important than precise knowledge of authorship. This reminded me of some of the observations I made in my recent study on Calvin's Bibliology in "Calvin and Canon" and made me think that Owen was likely influenced by Calvin (and others) here.  Gribben also suggests that Owen saw the Lord's Prayer as a Matthean insertion into the Sermon on the Mount.

He ends by suggesting that more work is needed on Owen's Bibliology.

Worth watching.


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