Thursday, October 17, 2013

One more quote from Dabney's "Spurious Religious Excitements"

Note:   Here’s a final excerpt from toward the end of Dabney’s 1887 “Spurious Religious Excitements” (Discussions, Vol. 3:  pp. 456-475).  Here Dabney lays part of the blame for revivalistic excess at the feet of egalitarianism (cf. his essay “Lay Preaching” in Discussions, Vol. 2:  pp. 76-95):

One corollary from this discussion is:  How perilous is it to entrust the care of souls to an ignorant zeal!  None but an educated ministry can be expected, humanly speaking, to resist the seduction of “revival measures,” or to guard themselves from the plausible blunders  we have analyzed above.  And the church which entrusts the care of souls to lay-evangelists, self-appointed and irresponsible to the ecclesiastical government appointed by Christ, betrays its charge and duty (p. 474).

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