Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Freedom Watch: Common Core

In the Fall 2013 edition of The Virginia Home Educator (the news magazine of the Home Educators Association of Virginia) there is an article worth reading under "Freedom Watch" on the Common Core curriculum which is now being promoted by our federal government and which has already been adapted by 46 of 50 states.  

The article suggests that this program is an overreach by the federal government into education which has typically been the domain of the states.  It has been implemented without study, pilot programs, public meetings or voter accountability.

According to the article, Common Core will include building a database and tracking students from preschool to when they enter the workforce.  It will accumulate information such as "student attitudes, disabilities, religious affiliation, medical information, family income and hundreds of other academic and social markers."  In the future standardized tests like the SAT and GED will be made to conform to CC standards.

As one who has opted out of the government education system for his children and simply as a citizen with concerns about personal privacy and religious liberty, the article gave me concern about Common Core.  I encourage you to read the article and consider the suggestions offered for making your voice heard. 

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