Monday, October 01, 2012

Scenes from 2012 Keach Conference (Friday)

Image:  Bonnie Beach, as always, a welcoming face at the registration table.
Image:  Some of the younger participants.
Image:  Friday session.
Image:  Scripture reading
Image:  Orientation to the 2012 Keach Conference
Image:  Pastor Lloyd Sprinkle speaks on "Total Depravity"
Image: Prayer
Image: Carl Trueman calls for a volunteer to help illustrate the covenant of works.
Image:  Psalm singing
Image:  Andy Rice shares about his mission call to Zambia before leading the closing prayer.
Image:  Refreshments and Fellowship
Image:  More refreshments
Image:  Casey H. provides hospitality.
Image:  After-meeting conversation
Image:  Start'em young on good theology!

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