Friday, February 10, 2012

Horton responds to Frame's "The Escondido Theology"

I am in the process of reading Michael Horton's systematic theology, The Christian Faith (Zondervan., 2011) in hopes of writing a review for the the next RB Trumpet. Horton published a blog post today titled Responding to John Frame's "The Escondido Theology."  Frame has been harshly critical of Horton and others at Westminster West (hence the "Escondido"), particularly with regard to what has been branded "two kingdom" theology.  Frame wrote a withering review of Horton's book Christ-less Christianity and has now published a book length critique of Horton and others, the aforementioned The Escondido Theology:  A Reformed Response to Two-Kingdom Theology.  You can also listen to this audio interview with Frame on this topic on Kevin Swanson's Generations Radio program, read this statement from Westminster West, and this post by D. G. Hart to get a feel for this intra-Reformed dispute.


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