Friday, January 20, 2012

Owen contrasts the inspiration of the Bible with the Koran

In John Owen’s The Divine Original of the Scripture (Collected Works, Vol. 16), he draws a contrast between the innate authority of the Christian Scriptures in comparison to uninspired writings. Of these, Owen refers to the Koran in particular:

“…‘the Scriptures,’ have that glory of light and power accompanying them, as wholly distinguish them by infallible signs and evidences from all words and writings not divine; conveying their truth and power into the souls and consciences of men with an infallible certainty. On this account are they received as from God by all that receive them, who have any real, distinguishing foundation for their faith, which would not be—separated from these grounds—as effectual an expedient for the reception of the Koran” (p. 325).


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