Monday, January 16, 2012

Reluctant response to the latest evangelical video fad

OK, so I usually try to avoid doing blog posts about anything that is "relevant," but I did have two students from CRBC ask me last week what I thought about the video from Seattle based Jefferson Bethke titled Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus that has gone viral, especially via Facebook, among young evangelical types. Both our students picked up on the fact that something wasn't quite right about the video's message.  Hooray for them!  It also got some discussion on the RB pastors yahoo list.  Here are two critiques:

Second, a spot on video response from Lutheran Dude (though I'm not crazy about the baptismal regeneration undertones):

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AJ said...

After seeing this on your blog, I watched Jefferson's video with a few of my children huddled around. As he went, I'd stop here and there to translate for my confused looking kids, and explain that he's creating a false paradigm (of course not in those words which would have left my kids wondering if I was crazy like the guy in the video). A false paradigm between Christ and things that He himself has instituted.

Today, I read a post by Michael Horton on the law. Deconstructing a false paradigm, he says:

"That’s the problem when people say “I’m spiritual, not religious”; “Jesus came preaching love, not a bunch of rules.” Actually, Jesus summarized the whole law as love, so the two are actually identical"

I thought it was somewhat relevant so here is the link to Horton for any interested: