Monday, January 02, 2012

New "Reformed Baptist Trumpet"!

I sent out the October-November-December 2011 issue of the Reformed Baptist Trumpet e-journal last Saturday (on the last day of the year).

You can read a pdf here or find this and past issues of the Trumpet here.  You can also request to be added to the mailing list by sending your request to

In this issue:

Editorial: 2012 Keach Conference p. 2

Article: Joel Beeke, Consider Christ in Affliction pp. 3-9

Article: Malcolm Watts, God’s Everlasting Covenant pp. 10-15

Book Review: Greg Nichols, Covenant Theology pp. 16-19

Book Review: The Reliability of the New Testament pp. 20-24

Paradosis: Spurgeon on Inspiration and the Down Grade pp. 24-25


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