Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Book Review Page

"...of making many books there is no end..." (Ecclesiastes 12:12)

"...when thou comest, bring...the books, but especially the parchments" (2 Timothy 4:13)

I enjoy reading.  I often take notes on the books I read for reference in future sermons, teaching, or writings.  I also write reviews and book notes on some of the books I read.  I have found that this helps me remember the content of the book and understand better the positions of the author.  As a ministry it serves as a way to commend good books to other readers or to warn them against poor content in others.

Some of these reviews have appeared in various print journals (including American Theological Inquiry, The Baptist Banner, The Evangelical Forum Newsletter, Faith & Mission, Interpretation, Perspectives in Religious Studies, and The Reformed Baptist Trumpet) and online blogs and websites.  I am also steadily working on more reviews.  Now, for example I am workng on three reviews for the next RB Trumpet and two for American Theological Inquiry.

Jeff and Anna W. have created a book review page on the CRBC website to which we are adding many of these reviews under various topics (Apologetics and Culture; Baptist Studies; Biblical Studies; Biblical Translation and Text Criticism; Biography; Calvinism and Reformed Theology; Church History; Family and Education; Ministry; Puritans; Theology; and Worship).  There will soon be nearly 60 reviews and book notes of various length and depth available to read on this page, linked to their titles.  Thanks to Jeff and Anna for their work.  May it prove helpful to some.


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