Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 Keach Conference Coming!

We invite you to mark your calendars now for the 2011 Keach Conference, the annual theology and ministry conference hosted by the Reformed Baptist Fellowship of Virginia. This will be our 10th annual meeting.

When will the conference meet? Friday-Saturday, September 30-October 1, 2011. Session I will be held on Friday evening at 6:30 pm. Session II will be held on Saturday morning at 9:30 am. Following the morning session there will be a dialogue (question and answer time) with the speakers and then lunch.

Where will the conference be held? This year’s meeting will be hosted by the Covenant Reformed Baptist Church in Warrenton, Virginia. The church is located at 7336 Riley Road, Warrenton, VA 20187. Host Pastor will be Steve Clevenger.

What will be this year’s theme? We are continuing our series through the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689). This year’s theme is chapter five, “Of Divine Providence.” We are also celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Authorized (King Jame’s) Version of the Bible (1611-2011).

Who will be speaking? We have been blessed over the years to have excellent speakers for our conferences. This year is no exception. Our speakers will be Dr. Joel Beeke, President of Puritan Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Pastor Malcolm Watts of Emmanuel Reformed Church in Salisbury, England.

Dr. Beeke is one of the most prolific evangelical authors of our day. He is a walking library of knowledge about the Puritans and is in high demand as a speaker in Reformed churches and conferences.

Pastor Watts serves as Chairman of the General Committee of the Trinitarian Bible Society, a ministry that has promoted the circulation of “Protestant or uncorrupted versions of the Word of God” since 1831.

What are the topics? Here is our preliminary schedule:

Friday (September 30, 6:30 pm):

Dr. Beeke: How to Respond Christianly to Providential Afflictions

Pastor Watts: The Providential Preservation of the Scriptures: Part 1

Saturday (October 1, 9:30 am):

Pastor Watts: The Providential Preservation of the Scriptures: Part 2

Dr. Beeke: Job’s Submission to Providence

How can I help? There are several things you can do to help: (1) Join us in prayer for the conference, the speakers, and the fellowship. (2) Make plans now to attend and spread the word to others. Think about bringing a group from your church. (3) Send a financial gift to help defray the conference costs. Gifts can be sent to Covenant RBC (see address above) and marked for “Keach Conference.” Send a personal gift and ask your church to send a gift also. Help us continue to be able to invite speakers of international caliber and host a world-class, God glorifying and man edifying conference.


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