Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thomas Watson: Twelve Examples of Breaking the Third Commandment

In my sermon last Sunday afternoon on the third commandment, I was aided by Thomas Watson's list (in his book The Ten Commandments) of twelve examples of using God’s name in vain:

1. When we speak slightly and irreverently of his name.

2. When we profess God’s name, but do not live answerably to it.

3. When we use God’s name in idle discourse.

4. When we worship him with our lips, but not with our hearts.

5. When we pray to him but do not believe in him.

6. When in any way we profane and abuse his word. “To hear a wicked man who wallows in sin talk of God and religion is offensive; it is taking God’s name in vain” (p. 86).

7. When we swear by God’s name.

8. When we prefix God’s name to any wicked action. “When any wicked action is baptized in the name of religion, it is taking God’s name in vain.”

9. When we use our tongues any way to the dishonor of God.

10. When we make rash or unlawful vows.

11. When we speak evil of God. “When we murmur at his providences, as if he had dealt hardly with us.”

12. When we falsify our promise. This is making a pledge or promise to God and then not keeping that promise.


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