Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Economy and Protestantism

My morning routine usually includes listening to NPR while having coffee and reading the paper. I recall Cal Thomas' quip that every morning he reads the Bible and the New York Times, so he can see what both sides are up to. We also tend to get into family discussions about items on the news (though I frequently mute NPR stories favorable to things like "same gender marriage"). What is really nice to hear is when the children can discern bias in an NPR report!
The children have picked up on the fact that nearly every other item on the news these days relates to the economy. So, they have taken to ascribing the cause of every ill in life to the economy. Example: "Why haven't you done your chore yet? The economy. Why is the bike tire flat? The economy." Of course, they have also taken to ascribing the solution to every problem as "Protestantism" (I have indoctrinated them well!). Example: "How were you able to do so well on your math test? Protestantism." Smiles.


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