Thursday, January 24, 2008

Warning about Homeschooling

My friend Steve Hills just alerted me to this "breaking news" from Tominthebox news network about the Episcopal church's denunciation of homeschooling (read the whole article here):
We are concerned, however, about the education of a very small sub-segment of our Episcopal body. This small group is our home-schooled children. We have discovered that our children who are ‘educated’ in their homes are not receiving the same curriculum as other children their age in public or private school.
For example, children taught at home are not learning enough about evolution (the process by which God brought about creation; all smart people know this). They are not being instructed in how to ‘say no to drugs.’ They are not being exposed to the various sexual options available to them in society.
Of great concern also is what these home-schooled kids are being taught. We have learned that they simply know too much of the bible. They understand not only the content of the bible, but also how to properly interpret it. Furthermore, they believe that the scriptures actually mean what they say, and do not change in meaning over time. An alarming number hold to Reformed Theology.
Verbum sap: Some have read these Tominthebox articles before and not realized they are satire. Please note the label "humor."

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