Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Update on Elder/Deacon seminar with Sam Waldron

Brian Davis and I from JPBC went to the Elder/Deacon seminar at Covenant RBC in Warrenton on Saturday (3/3/07). Sam Waldron taught on the 1689 Baptist Confession.
Session I: Why the local church should use the 1689 confession.
Here Waldron shared his critique of Shawn Wright's 9 Marks Newsletter article discouraging the use of the 1689 as a local church confession. Waldron argued that full sbuscription is not needed for new and immature members in 1689 churches; however, full subscription is required for elders.
Session II: Current challenges to the 1689 confession.
Waldron adressed New Covenant theology and the New Perspective on Paul.
We enjoyed checking out the well put together Covenant bookshop while at the seminar and received gracious hospitality from Pastor Steve and his members.

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