Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paul Washer's Counsel for Young Men

This scene was typical last weekend at the end of each session with Paul Washer. A group of young men would gather around to ask questions about ministry, doctrine, and life.

Among some of the things Paul told these young men:

1. When you are young, do not worry so much about doing as about being. Work on developing your character. Spend time in disciplined reading of the Bible and good Christian books. The season of young manhood is one of preparation. Learn to be a man.

2. Submit yourself to membership in a local church. Find a church with a godly Pastor/Elders and sit under their shepherding.

3. Adolescence is a myth. Don’t try to prolong your childhood. Men don’t have time to play video games; they have to worry about paying the car insurance. Don’t engage in recreational dating. Don’t approach a girl about dating unless you intend marriage and are ready to be a man.


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Sam said...

I like the focus on 'doing' vs. 'being' Paul has in many of his sermons; so very biblical.