Thursday, December 07, 2023

Audio: The Translators to the Reader.Part 10: The speeches and reasons, both of our brethren and of our adversaries, against this work




Gareth Orr said...

Dear Pastor Riddle,

I apologise for the unrelated comment, I simply wanted to leave you a note of thanks.

in January of this year, I had little knowledge about the difference between the confessional text and the modern critical text of the scriptures. I used the ESV believing it was an accurate/literal translation of the original greek and Hebrew and the only difference it had to the KJV was more modern English.

Having heard a podcast where some reformed men spoke of their favouring the majority text, my interest in the topic was sparked. A friend then recommended your podcast to me to learn more.

I statrted on episode #1 of WM and after hearing your refutation of John MAcarthur's sermon on the ending of Mark I have to say I was somewhat pricked to the heart.

I almost immediately purchased an RHB reformed heritage study bible KJV and have been using it since in private and family worship.

I am now on episode 250 having listend almost daily during my commute to work and walking the dogs.

Thank you so much for your labours on this subject. you have helped me see the importance of the original languages and the importance of the doctrine of the preservation of Scripture.

As a Reforemd Presbyterian (from Northern Ireland), I am so thankful for the WCF and now certainly chapter 1 paragraph 8 is etched in my brain forever.

Next September I hope to start theological training for Gospel ministry. In my preaching and ministry I endeavour to use translations based upon the confessional text.

May God bless you in your continued ministry for him. take care


Jeffrey T. Riddle said...

Dear Garetl,

Thanks for your note of encouragement. It is humbling to know you have found some profit in this ministry. SDG! May the Lord bless you as you see continue to discern and pursue this call to ministry. I hope we can meet in person sometime.

Blessings, JTR