Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Book Review: Joshua Schooping, Disillusioned: Why I Left the Eastern Orthodox Priesthood and Church




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Phil Brown said...

I think about Hank Hanegraaff who was instrumental in my adoption of an Amillennial view of Eschatology, and also a more sound interpretation of Scripture. I found it strange that he converted to Eastern Orthodoxy in 2017. The only thing I could think of is that he was disillusioned by the squishy Evangelical Ecclesiology. It seems the long tradition of the Eastern Orthodox church was attractive to him. I do think James White was correct in his evaluation of Hank and Eastern Orthodoxy, even though we all tend to disagree with White's Bibliology. One thing White pointed out is that Eastern Orthodoxy is 9th century Christendom that was encapsulated by Islam, but it is not Primitive Christianity. It especially isn't Biblical.