Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scenes from the 2014 Keach Conference

Image:  New to this year's conference:  t-shirts!

The Thirteenth Annual Keach Conference was held last Friday evening and Saturday morning (September 26-27, 2014) at Covenant RBC in Warrenton.  Here are a few scenes from the meeting:

Image:  2014 speakers:  Jim Savastio (left) and Earl Blackburn (right)

Image: Bret Vincent leads worship.

Image:  Friday evening fellowship

Image:  Fellowship

Image:  Conversations

Image:  Youth fellowship

Image:  Saturday am session

Image:  Earl Blackburn preaching on Saturday am

Image: Saturday am break

Image:  Pew conversations

Image:  After session conversation with Jim Savastio

Image:  Q and A session


Jason D. said...

Blackburn is rockin' that yellow suit!
And, what does a brother have to do to get his hands on one of those great shirts!?!?

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...

He was indeed looking pretty sharp!

The shirts were indeed a big hit (two years ago we did Keach buttons). We only had three left over. The kids tell me they have a cool retro look to them. Look for an email from me.


Anonymous said...

Forget the shirts. Where can a brother get a yellow suit!