Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 Keach Conference

Image:  Richard Barcellos at the 2013 Keach Conference
Here are the audio links to the 2013 Keach Conference messages by Richard Barcellos on the theme "Of God's Covenants" (chapters seven, Second London Baptist Confession 1689) which focused on the Covenant of Works:
And here is the link to Pastor Ron Young's Exhortation:
And to the final Question and Answer session:

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Pastor Kipp said...

I've had the pleasure of listening to Dr. B's (a carry-over from my days at MCTS) first two messages during commutes into church this week, and I've gleaned what I always glean from his must always start with hermeneutics. Short of that, ultimately, you are just engaging in a forwarding of perspectives. I am so grateful that Dr. B always begins with hermeneutics, not just espousing what his particular hermeneutic is but also showing, from Scripture, how he arrives at it.

His teaching are always edifying, and his methodology is always instructional. I thank our God for men such as him.