Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Vision (1/3/13): Devotional Resources

We had a good discussion last Sunday after lunch at CRBC on Strategies for Family and Personal Devotions in 2013.  In the discussion I promised to send out a list of devotional reading possibilities, as a supplement to regular Bible reading.  Here are a few suggestions:


For family devotions (with children):


·         Joel Beeke & Diana Kleyne, Building on the Rock Series (Christian Focus, 2003). 

There are five books in the series.  Each book has stories of shorter and longer length with accompanying questions, scripture verses, and prayer points.


·         Oliver Hunkin (text) and Alan Parry (illustrations), Dangerous Journey (Eerdmans, 1985).

This is a picture book that offers a faithful adaptation of John Bunyan’s classic Pilgrim’s Progress.


·         John Tallach, God Made Them Great (Banner of Truth, 1974) and They Shall Be Mine (Banner of Truth, 1981).

These two books provide biographical sketches of various faithful men and women from Christian history.


·         Irene Howat, Ten Girls Who Changed the World (Christian Focus, 2002) and Ten Boys Who Changed the World (Christians Focus 2003).

These books also offer brief biographical sketches of various Christian heroes.  You can pick and choose which to read.


Personal Devotional Reading for Adults:


·         Anything in the Banner of Truth Puritan Paperback Series.

This series offers shorter titles and selections (sometimes abridged or modernized) from various Puritans.  Good books to start with:  Thomas Watson, Repentance; Thomas Watson, All Things for Good; John Flavel, The Mystery of Providence; Ralph Venning, The Sinfulness of Sin; Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed.


·         John Charles Ryle, Holiness (first published in 1879; Evangelical Press, 1979).

This book offers a compelling collection of articles from the Reformed and evangelical Anglican bishop on the topic of practical sanctification.


·         William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour (first published in 1655; Banner of Truth edition, 1991).

This is a Puritan classic on spiritual warfare.  I recommend the three volume modernized and abridged version published by Banner of Truth.  Get volume one, read a few paragraphs each day, and be richly rewarded.


·         Anything in the Great Christian Classics series from Grace Publications.

These are simplified and abridged versions of spiritual classics.  Start with Joseph Alleine’s Wake Up and Live (a version of An Alarm to the Unconverted) or John Owen’s Gospel Church Government (a version of The True Nature of a Gospel Church).  Note:  I have an obvious bias for the latter selection.


·         John Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress (various publishers).

There’s a reason it’s a classic.  Get a cheap paperback copy (I recommend the version published by Whitaker House, 1973, 1981).  If it seems too long, just commit to reading Part One which covers Christian’s journey to the Celestial City.


Grace and peace, Pastor Jeff Riddle

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