Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Word Magazine: Interviews with Malcolm Watts

Image:  Pastor and Mrs. Watts at the Dulles Airport.

I finally got around to posting two new editions of Word Magazine to sermonaudio yesterday.  Both include interviews with Pastor Malcolm Watts.

The first interview covers issues related to worship and the regulative principle.  We did this one after worship on October 2nd.

The second interview covers various issues related to church government (elders, deacons, gifted brethren, and call to ministry).  It ends with Pastor Watts describing a visit to his church in the 1970s by Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  We did this interview while riding to Dulles Airport early on Monday morning October 3rd.  Sadly, I fouled up the recording of the first half of the conversation on Elders, but got the second half.  The sound quality is a little rough (car noise) but the content is good for those who can overlook that.

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