Monday, January 26, 2009

Were we admitted into the presence of a king...

Do you ever find worship boring? Sermons tedious? Prayer monotonous? Have you ever considered this a sympton of sin?
In his discussion of man's present condition in Human Nature In Its Fourfold State (Banner, 1964), Thoms Boston (1676-1732) observes that "Man's understanding is naturally overhwhelmed with gross darkness in spiritual things" (p. 81).
He proceeds to offer numerous proofs for this. Included in these is proof number four: "What a difficult task is it to detain the carnal mind before the Lord!" (p. 88). He concludes this proof: "Were we admitted into the presence of a king to petition for our lives, we should be in no hazard of gazing through the chambers of presence" (p. 89).
How would it change our interest in worship and spiritual things if we thought of ourselves as being brought before the King to petition for our lives?

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