Thursday, January 15, 2009

The 1919 Statement of Belief

Baptist Studies Online is a new website. Their purpose:
Baptist Studies Online (BSO) is a website dedicated to the study of Baptist history and thought, with special emphasis on Baptists in North America. The purpose of BSO is to facilitate the scholarly study of Baptists by making available to researchers and students an online journal, a primary source library, a comprehensive collection of Baptist history-related links, and a regularly updated list of announcements related to the field. BSO is a collaborative effort by Baptist scholars from a variety of traditions, with technical support provided by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina.
They also have an online journal (the Journal of Baptist Studies) edited by Keith Harper and Nathan Finn. In the second volume of this journal, they have re-printed an article I did a few years ago that appeared in the now defunct Faith & Mission. My article is titled, "The 1919 Statement of Belief and the Tradition of Confessional Boundaries for Southern Baptist Missionaries." In it I examine the 1919 Statement of Belief that was used by the Foreign Mission Board of the SBC as a doctrinal standard for Southern Baptist missionaries. The article makes the point that contrary to the views of many moderate Baptists, Southern Baptists have long held to the importance of doctrinal accountability for those who serve through their mission board, as the 1919 statement demonstrates.

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