Monday, August 04, 2008

Mary Beeke: The Law of Kindness

Our interns are reading their final book of the summer (which they have taken to calling their "summer semester"). It is Mary Beeke's The Law of Kindness: Serving with Hearts and Hands (Reformation Heritage, 2007) and today we discussed part one (pp. 1-50). I was convicted by Mary Beeke's comment in the preface that her husband Joel Beeke "has never said an unkind word to me" (p. 3). Having met Joel I do not doubt that this is true (though I am sure Joel would be the first to acknowledge that he is a sinner saved by grace)--and it might also be that Mary has a "keeping no record of wrong" spirit. Sadly, however, I do not think that my wife could say of me what Mary Beeke said of her husband in that preface. I shared that quote at lunch at JPBC yesterday with some other husbands, and they too agreed that the comment is convicting.

The third chapter on "our motives" for kindness is also convicting. Are we kind merely for personal gain? Do we only show preferential kindness to our family and friends? Are we ever kind only because we seek attention and praise? Or does kindness flow as we seek "to follow Jesus Christ's example in every sphere of life" (p. 48)?

To listen to a good radio interview with Mary Beeke about her book, look here.


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