Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ammunition quotes for fighting pride

A few quotes from Joel Beeke's chapter 17 "Your fight against pride" in Overcoming the World (P&R, 2005): 136-41:
  • "The more godly a man is, and the more graces and blessings of God are upon him, the more need hath he to pray because Satan is busiest against him, and because he is readiest to be puffed up with a conceited holiness." --Richard Greenham
  • "It is hard starving this sin, whenas there is nothing almost but it can live upon." --Richard Mayo
  • "I know I am proud; and yet I do not know the half of that pride." --Robert Murray M'Cheyne
  • "I am more afraid of pope 'self' than of the pope in Rome and all his cardinals." --Martin Luther
  • "Men frequently admire me, and I am pleased, but I abhor the pleasure I feel." --Henry Martyn
  • "Study mortification, brother; study mortification." --John Eliot to a colleague

Some ammunition for fighting pride.


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