Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A New Old Breed: Young SBC Calvinists in the Pulpits

A Baptist press article from the "Building Bridges" Conference on Calvinism in the SBC reports on Lifeway's Ed Setzer's presentation of a survey indicating that one in three SBC seminary grads are self-described Calvinists. A past report indicates that at present only one in ten SBC Pastors is a five-point Calvinists. From the article:
Referring to recent graduates, Stetzer explained, "The percentages tick up each year and if they continue to increase, then obviously the percentage of Calvinists in our churches and church leadership will continue to increase as well.
"Calvinism is on the rise among the most recent seminary graduates. If present trends continue, Calvinism will continue to grow as an influence in our convention."

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