Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guests from Texas

Last Lord's Day we were glad to have old JPBC friends, the Martin family, visiting in worship. Jeff and Jamie left C-ville in 1999 for Fort Worth, Texas where they still live. Julia was born just before they moved from here, and God has been gracious to add Jenna and Jaden to their household in the meantime. We had them over for supper on Tuesday and got a chance to catch up with them (the picture is of them on our front porch). They are active in their church in Texas, teaching 2nd grade Sunday School together and serving in music ministry, among other things (JPBCers will remember Jamie's incredible voice). Jamie is also teaching music part time at the Covenant Classical School where the older children are in school. It was great to enjoy Christian fellowship with them. It was also a reminder of how people can come into your life for only a short time and yet remain a blessing and encouragement.


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