Thursday, June 22, 2006

Links Here and There

  • Gene Bridges has posted my review of Frank Page's booklet "Trouble with the TULIP" at "Strange Baptist Fire" and "Triablogue." One early comment: "Isn't this review longer than the actual book?" Chuckle.
  • Also, the BP article citing my review of Kevin Swanson's "Upgrade" is posted at the Baptist Courier website (SC Baptist paper).
  • I got a very nice email from Nelson Searcy of the Journey Church, NYC after my review of the SBC Pastors' Conference. He pointed out that his church does, in fact, unapologetically use the title "church" in identifying itself, even though the SBC Pastors' Conference program left it out. He also sent me a DVD of a baptismal service in his church that I look forward to watching. I noted on his website that they require two months attendance and a membership class before one can join. Kudos!

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