Tuesday, April 04, 2023

WM 276: The Legacy Standard Bible (LSB) and the "Shorter Ending" of Mark



I added these notes to the description for this episode's video:

As noted in the podcast, since I don’t yet have a hard copy of the LSB for this episode I was using the online version of the LSB, from the official LSB website (read.lsbible.org), which does not include any footnotes with the text. I discovered after I posted the video that LSB footnotes are included with the text on biblegateway.com. So, here are the LSB notes for the passages which I cited in this episode: For the doxology of the Lord’s Prayer at Matthew 6:13b a note reads, “Early mss omit bracketed portion”. For Acts 8:37, a note reads: “Early mss omit this v”. For 1 John 5:7-8, a note reads, “A few late mss add ...in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one. And there are three that testify on earth, the Spirit”. For 2 Peter 3:10, no note addresses the omission of the negative particle in NA28. For Mark 16:9-20, a note at v. 9 reads, “Later mss add vv 9-20”; a note at v. 20 regarding the “shorter ending” reads, “A few late mss and versions contain this paragraph, usually after v 8; a few have it at the end of ch”. The statement, “a few have it at the end of ch” is confusing. If I have read the apparatus of the NA28 correctly, it lists no Greek mss. or versions which have the “shorter ending” after v. 20. Bruce M. Metzger in his Textual Commentary, Corrected edition (1975) discusses the shorter ending in Greek mss. and versions and concludes, "All of these witnesses except it-k also continue with verses 9-20" (124). He makes no mention of the "shorter ending" appearing after v. 20 in any extant ms. In D. C. Parker’s discussion of this ending in The Living Texts of the Gospels (Cambridge, 1997) he presents the pattern as, “verses 1-8 – but they reported … eternal salvation – verses 9-20” (127) Parker lists no examples of either Greek mss. or versions which include the “shorter ending” after Mark 16:20. Nicholas P. Lunn, likewise, in The Original Ending of Mark (Wipf and Stock, 2014) lists as a variant “ending with both the shorter ending after 16:8 and the longer ending” (22), but he makes no reference to a Greek ms. or version which includes the “shorter ending” after v. 20.

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