Friday, March 24, 2023

WM 273: Debate Review: James White vs. Thomas Ross: Part One



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Phil Brown said...

I personally thought the debate was a draw. White is still peddling the "rush to print" myth, and I don't know if he just doesn't know any better or if he hasn't done the research. Anyone who has researched that story will find that Bishop Ximenes's works had already been published, and that Erasmus's quote had to do with the printing process after he completed his research. The story he tells is misleading. Also, his constant reference to the Papyri is overblown. We all know that all the papyri does is reveal the antiquity of Scripture a little more, but there are no truths revealed to exonerate the Modern Eclectic Texts. Thomas Ross I think used the Scriptures incorrectly some, and I think White did a better job in his exegesis. Otherwise they both had strengths and weaknesses and displayed that one cannot arrive at a position merely on the scientific research. Faith has to be a component. Personally, I do think that God uses the modern versions in spite of themselves, but that the translations based on the Traditional text are more complete and effective. I look forward to further analysis.